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Shape Builder tool kind of question

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I was creating a (bird) wing for a logo (following AI youtube tutorial) and the process is, first, created one part of wing, duplicate it and rotate it slightly. The repeat process to make a fan-like wing. After that. I selected everything and used the "Divide" function. Now, my thought was I could select the segments and color them the way I wanted. All the segments of one color I would "Unite". The problem is that these lines appear between the shapes. I anticipated this might happen so before doing any operations I filled each wing segment and removed the stroke so each shape was just a "fill". Yet I still have the problem of these lines showing up. My solution (to eliminate these lines) was just to create each (color) segment of the wing individually, which is the last picture. My question is, in the AI tutorial the person used the Shape Builder tool to unite certain areas and got no lines. Is there a way to do this in AD without the lines? How would others with more design experience create this? Symbols?
















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Hi ChrisP,

The thin white lines are the result of the antialiased shape's boundaries against the white background. You can add a stroke to help hide them that has the same colour as the object. This also occurs in other vector apps and is hopefully something that can be improved in the future.

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