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Loading time in AP 1.6.5 beta is slooooowwww

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I have just made an loadingtest. I picked three photo's of stock and did a loading test in both AP 1.52 and in AP 1.6.5 beta 5. There is somewhere a hickup in the beta. The size of the images is about 15MB each.


Time for loading 3 photo;s in 1.5.2 took totaly 6.46 seconds

Time for loading 3 photo's in 1.6.5(b5) took totaly 9.08 seconds. This is about 30% more loadingtime for the same photo's. 


I have tried more photo's and the time difference is getting bigger. 


Perhaps a bug....Please solve this.

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Hey pruus,


It seems quicker in the beta for me. 5 images take 2 seconds in the beta (images are between 11mb and 15mb) whereas the release takes 3 seconds.


I've tried a few different groups of images and types and the beta is consistently faster, as it should be. It might be worth doing a ctrl runup (hold ctrl when launching the app and click Clear) on both apps to make it a fair test. 

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