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I've just started using Affinity Photo for my iPad Pro, which I purchased because of this app, and so far I'm really impressed. However, I'm not so happy with the inpainting results especially when compared to the spot removal tools in Pixelmator for iPad or the desktop versions of Photoshop and Photoshop Express.


The first issue I have are that the results often appear a little blurry/soft compared to the surrounding image. The second issue is when inpainting automatically selects a source that results in a repeating pattern and I try inpainting again it just selects the same source again. This will happen no matter how many times I retry inpainting that area. My experience with the other products is that they seem to randomise the source selection which solves this issue.


I could use the clone stamp tool which would solve this but I'm lazy and like using the inpainting tool.


Please let me know if I'm being stupid otherwise I hope the developers will read this post and consider improving this feature in a future update.


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I have also noticed the softer results using the Inpainting brush and usually get bettter (and faster) results using Pixelmator instead. 

One tip if you get a repeating pattern on subsequent attempts is to change the brush size and try again. This works quite well for me. 

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Playing with the Affinity tutorial yesterday I noticed that I didn't experience the softer results with the Inpainting brush when removaing boats on the sample photo. The image I had these softer results was a black & white scanned photo in jpg format (600 dpi I think). I wonder if this has something to do with it. I still hope Affinity can improve Inpainting as I really want to use a single app and not switch between several apps to get the best results.

Donka – thanks for the excellent suggestion of changing brush size to circumvent the repeating pattern problem. That sounds like a good workaround.

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