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Affinity Designer Export to PDF with bleed marks

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Hi there to you guys,

I've spent a couple of days looking into various options concerning showing bleed marks in the exported/slices option in export persona.  I've been designing my book covers in AD using 3 Art Boards in the same document.  Obviously there is an artboard for the "Front Cover" then another for the "Spine" and lastly one for the "Back Cover".

Here is the procedure that I've followed to have the bleed visible in the exported pdf document of the book cover as one document.

  1. Seeing I'm creating my book cover to a trim size of A5 which is 148mm x 210mm, I create the document at that exact size. 
  2. Once I have the 1st Artboard created in AD which is for the Front Cover, I hold down the Option key on Mac and drag out a copy of the First Artboard into a second one for the Back Cover and lay it along the left of the first Artboard.
  3. I then drag out another Artboard using the Option Key on Mac and resize it to the spine width needed.  The spine gets moved into position so that it is in between the front and back covers.  I then rename all 3 Artboards individually by the following :- "Front Cover", "Spine" and "Back Cover."
  4. I then go to the document setup in each artboard and set the bleed sizes to 3mm all round.  This I do for all the artboards.  I also set the Margin sizes to be 5mm all round as well.
  5. I then create the backgrounds for all Artboards to extend beyond the Artboard sizes by 3 mm all round.  Therefore, only the Backgrounds, when clicked on show that they extend over the edge of the Artboards by 3mm.  If you collapse the layer structure groups to just show the artboard, you won't see the background extending over the sides.  This is important to understand.
  6. I then create all the inner content on the Front, Back and Spine Artboards to stay within the margins I set in the document setup under the file menu.
  7. Once my book cover is complete, I group all three Artboards in the Draw Persona into one group and rename it to something like "Book Cover".
  8. I then go into the Export Persona and click on the "Layers" Tab. 
  9. Under the layers Tab I see the "Book Cover" Group there.
  10. I then go to the slice tool and drag out one slice over the whole document.  The size of the slice needs to be exactly the same size as the full book cover measurement in mm plus the 3 mm  added on.  Therefore the slice is larger than the actual document.  This will accommodate the bleed of 3 mm set around the whole document.
  11. I then click on the slices Tab, still in the Export Persona, and rename the slice I just created to another name.
  12. In the Slices Tab there is another slice called  background. 
  13. I only select the renamed slice that I created.  I do not select the background slice.
  14. I then click on Export Options Tab and choose the PDF Print option.
  15. I then scroll down to the section of "Include Bleed"and select it, and then select "Include crop marks.
  16. I then deselect "Include registration marks", "Include colour bars", "Include page information".
  17. "Subset Fonts" and "Allow advanced features" are both selected.
  18. I then click on the Slices Tab again.
  19. I make sure that the slice I created is still selected and has a check in the check box.
  20. I then click on the "Export Slices" button at the bottom of the page.
  21. The entire "Book Cover Image" is exported as a PDF document to a location I can choose on my Mac. 
  22. You'll notice when you view the exported book cover, that it is complete with the 3mm bleed all the way round and the crop marks are at those positions on all 4 corners of the document with a white border around.  The white border is ok. 
  23. That's it. 
    This method has worked for me after much trial and error.
  24. Attached is an incomplete book cover to illustrate this process.

Book Cover.pdf

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I know this video. It does not sort artboards and bleed export problem. :(

When slice is size of document, I do get cut marks with image cut to the exact size of document - no bleed (attached file).

When slice is expanded with bleed size (+5mm in my case on every border) I do get the white strip (file attached in previous post).



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Hi there Przemo,

I did a test book cover with 3 art boards, Front Cover, Back Cover and Spine.  I made sure that the sizes had 5mm bleed area.

I then made another rectangle on top of the 3 art boards with no fill or stroke.  This rectangle I made into it's own layer.  I then grouped the 3 art boards under the new rectangle layer.  The rectangle layer is the same size as all the three art boards combined.  See screen shot.

I then went into the export persona.
I went to the layer section in export persona and saw the "rectangle layer".  I selected it and created a slice,  

I then went into the slice tab and I saw two slices, background and slice1.  

Deselect background slice (don't select it).

Only select "slice1".

Go into Export Options.

Preset - PDF Print (It must be Print)

See my screen shot of all the other things to select.

Go back to slices tab

At the bottom, select "Continuous" 

Make sure only Slice1 is selected.

Click on "Export Slices" in the bottom right corner.


Check out my exported PDF below.


Screen Shot 2018-02-22 at 14.18.33.png

Screen Shot 2018-02-22 at 14.19.20.png

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