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Windows 10 UI for 2-in-1 devices

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Sorry if this is a repeat, I tried to search for something in the same vein, and nothing came up. 

I recently upgraded my laptop to a Windows 2-in-1 compatible with the wacom ink pen (so I can look at my hand while I draw.)  This puts me in tablet mode, and that's where there is a bit of a break down, as much of Affinity is in menus and hot keys, really.  (Undo/redo, selection options, transform, etc)  For now I'm thinking of trying at 180* setup (to remain in PC mode) with a mouse and wireless keyboard to the side, but I hope that in the future there will be a more touchscreen-friendly user interface for PC users.  I imagine that the mac tablet product design could be ported to PC with relative ease? 

Even a custom toolbox that maps selected menu commands to a button would make a huge benefit.

Also, an option to make the drawing window only recognize pen input would be lovely.  (The note program Squid has something similar.)  Hovering close enough to activate the pen recognition but not draw a dot before resting my palm is pretty tricky sometimes.  :)

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This exactly...

I use a Surface Pro 4 & plan to upgrade to a Book 2 soon. All of the touch + pen stuff from ipad applies to surface/2-in-1 users on windows. 

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