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Designer & Photo Not Loading

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A few months ago I started having a problem with Designer & Photo where they frequently freeze while loading. They don't get past the title card. I found the only way to ensure they open is to restart the computer and run them again. This might indicate that there's maybe other apps interfering with them but I haven't yet figured out what it might be. I don't have any of the software on this list.


I've run the Designer installer again and chosen 'repair' but this didn't fix the problem.


I'm using Affinity Designer on Windows 10 on a MS Surface Pro 4.

0000 06-09-2017 10.32.57.png

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On 07/09/2017 at 10:00 AM, Chris_K said:

Hi mark-h


Are you able to try the latest Designer Beta and Photo Beta and see if you have anymore luck running those up at all?




I'll give them a try but since the issue doesn't occur 100% of the time I won't know if the problem persists right away.

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