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Pixemator was a great software in version 1.x -- when they ,revamped' the user interface for version 2, I was out. Seems to be very successful though.

I think they are mostly trying to get some more money off people with this (PRO without any doubt is going to have a different pricing than the ,normal' version).


In regard of the machine learning: that sounds like a marketing blah to me -- I am sure the techniques they are using are used in many other apps as well and they just needed a new good sounding term for it to get more attention.

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We don't need freakin machines to think for us. We need a stable and capable app. Pixelmator on iPad is not even in the same league with AP, regardless of its popularity.


Having 90% of the revenue stream coming from upgrades is frustrating. It turned Adobe into a landlord. Especially when it's hard to imagine what else can be upgraded. Adding some bogus features will not help. What else do you want automated? Automatic characters removal? Like former spouses or girlfriends. Turning sunsets into sun dawns? making color "nicer' automatically?

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That's a pretty broad request - here's a few things I would like to see from machine learning additions that make sense to me:


1) Selection of objects, so I could select a person and every part of them (and only them) would have a selection made, that I could then refine - with the ability to select or select individual people (MBD mentioned this but I thought I'd refine).


2) A kind of Auto-Color that worked by making the colors "right" not just through a simple algorithm balancing out poor channels (not sure what Auto-Color in AF really does, perhaps that?)


3) Show visual paths, have a model that presents to you where it thinks a human eye would track across the image.


4) Automatically learn what edits I apply to different types of images to start, and make them for me so I'd just have to tweak (kind of like Macros but more subtle and automatically generated).



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I asked there support about a iPad version of Pixelmator Pro, and here is what they said. The below link they also mention Vectormator "A groundbreaking, standalone vector graphics editor."


Hi there,

Thanks for getting in touch. We are indeed working on a version of Pixelmator Pro for the iPad! No details about it are available yet, but it's mentioned on the following page:



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