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AD doesn't support opentype kerning classes on Typography?

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I have for example two fonts.

In the first font kerning features added like:

feature kern { # Kerning
lookup kern0 {
    pos quotedbl comma -100;
    pos quotedbl hyphen -50;
    pos quotedbl period -100;
    pos quotedbl A -70;
    pos quotedbl J -100;
    pos quotedbl a -40;

For this font Open Type features is available on AD and kerning working fine.


But for second professional font with settings like:

feature kern { # Kerning
lookup kern0 {
    pos fraction hyphen.dnom -250;
    pos fraction plus.dnom -250;
    pos fraction plusminus.dnom -250;
    pos @_A @_C1 -23;
    pos @_A @_Dcroat -43;
    pos @_A @_T -69;
    pos @_A @_C.smcp1 -20;
    pos @_A @_U.smcp -10;
    pos @_A @_V.smcp -40;
    pos @_A @_f1 -15;
    pos @_A @_onesuperior -70;

For this font Typography Panel is empty and kerning do not applying.

Differences? In the secondary font kerning based on classes (groups of characters).

And it seems that AD does not support it.



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Yes, OT class-based Kerning is supported as far as I can tell without altering one of my fonts to exaggerate a class. There is no UI for kerning, it's always on.


As for features being missing, I haven't found that to be the case. It may be tied to a particular font or font build. Can you upload the font?



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But on my computer nothing happens after changing Character Kerning between 0 and Auto parameter for this font. And Kerning doesnt work only for this font. It is my bug for 1.5.5 version or something other?

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I had to recompile after changing the kern feature like I did.


I just loaded the original you attached. And it works from what I can tell. The kerning values are small because the person did a good job on side bearings and because it is a sans (which can typically use less kerning anyway).


How exactly do you know kerning isn't working? What font editor are you using to open and recompile the font?


I am using the Windows release and so there could be a problem in the Mac release if that is what you are using. But I would think there would have been reports already. As well, you mention there are no OT Features available to you in the Typography panel? There are here.


The font does use a dummy dflt language tag. It's not a real tag and shouldn't be present. Try removing that language and recompile. Make sure there are not multiple copies of this font on your system and after removing any duplicates, try rebooting and check again, then activate that font and check in AD.


In your font editor, try some test strings that can demonstrate larger changes, then turn kerning on/off to see the effect, check the spacing in AD to see if they compare favorably.


If all else fails, post in the Bug section appropriate for your OS version and attach the font there, too.



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