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User experience: Cintiq + Shortcuts

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Just started working with AD and really love it, but I've got a couple of things that don't work so smooth. 

  1. First of all, I work with a Cintiq 22' touch. I would like to use the zoom slider on the back but it doesn't zoom. How can this be fixed? 
  2. Undo in AD is different than in photoshop. I would like to change the shortcut to 'alt-command-z', but when I do this it only enters 'z'. How can this be fixed? 


Many thanks!

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Hi Mralex,


I don't have a Cintiq 22 to test this on but i did have a Intuos 3 which has 2 sliders (referred to as film strips by Wacom) on the tablet.  I had to go into System Preferences and then the Wacom Tablet icon and set it up on the 'Film strip' so a slide movement was a keystroke for CMD+Z this then worked in Designer.


For the undo shortcut, on the shortcut preferences do you happen to have Ignore Modifier keys enabled?  If so, that would be why it's only putting Z in the shortcut box.  If you remove the tick from this option and then try alt+cmd+z it should be applied.


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