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AD: When would you improve the export persona?

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When would us be able to copy/paste slices and reorder the slices in the panel?


And I would like to move slices alone with drawing objects, since I have to reorganize the canvas frequently.

Move the objects and realign all those slices is a pain.


Merging the three personas into one just like Adobe Fireworks will be a great help.

Slices can just be placed inside a layer.

And the only different between vector & pixel personas is the content of the Tools bar.

It wasted lots of my time on switching those stupid personas.


The Boss is watching you.  :ph34r:

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Hi voidsea,
Seems you are creating/drawing the slices manually. If you create/generate the slices from the layers/objects in the Layers panel in Export Persona they will "follow" the original objects when you move them. To create a slice from an existing object/layer go to the Layers panel in Export Persona, select the layer/object you want and click the Create Slice button on the bottom right of the Layers panel (Export Persona).

You can set keyboard shortcuts to quickly switch between Personas going to Affinity Designer Preferences, setting the first dropdown to Draw and the second to Affinity Designer and filling the second and third fields in the list below.

We don't want to mix/merge Personas because the UI would get quickly bloated with tools (and the workflow would become more confuse and the program harder to learn). There will be more personas in the future so placing everything in a single work space would make things even more complicated.

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But I can't set margin spaces for the auto-following slices, and the pixel alignment would be wrong on some of my drawing (because of the sub-pixel placement on the top & left most borders).


To the concern of a bloated UI, personas can be predefined as tool layouts.

It should not block me from accessing whatever features right at my hand via shortcuts. *AT LEAST TAKE A LOOK AT ADOBE ILLUSTRATOR*

And what make a software hard to learn is hiding everything in a box. (Like hiding "export slices" in the export persona's slices panel. DOUBLE BOXING)


The biggest problem with this MAN-MADE persona blockage is I will (almost always) forget which persona I'm in when focused on my work.


And I will not recommend AD to my friend or buy a upgrade on the future as long as this time-wasting problem persists.

Since the refund period has expired, I'll go along with whatever it is now.


Though the personas workflow suits AP well.


The Boss is watching you.  :ph34r:

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And one more thing...  Showing slices as a layer enables me using slices a a bounding box guide whiling editing icons.

I don't want to manage another extra grid layer for this.

Currently I have to switching a lot between personas, and every switch takes time due to the mode change.

The Boss is watching you.  :ph34r:

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