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Thomas Cheng

Batch Job - GH4 RW2 to Tiff does not look correct

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Hi guys, I'm having problems batch processing a bunch of my raw files from my Panasonic Lumix GH4 camera to tiff or any other format.  The problem is that the batch conversion process makes my raw file look different than if I open each file up directly in Affinity photo.  When I open it in Affinity Photo directly, it will apply a lens correction and the colors look correct to the camera jpeg image (which was taken with the raw).

I've attached the original raw file as reference and a screen shot of what direct and batch conversion looks like. Please excuse the underexposed image, as I'm taking bracketed photos. Thanks. 



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Hi Thomas Cheng


The Develop persona uses a more sophisticated RAW pipeline than other areas of the app such as batch, focus merge etc. Usually you find that images appear slightly darker but as you image is quite dark to begin with it has taken it the other way.


This is currently intended but the team are looking at incorporating the develop pipeline into other areas of the app



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