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Whenever i use my blur brush tool, nothing happens. There is no change in the photo whatsoever. Then when I use a tool to try to add a lens blur, nothing happens again. I follow tutorials to do this and I do it step by step. I am not doing it wrong, nothing is happening. At all. When I press undo blur, I see no difference.

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Hi mayashendy,
Welcome to Affinity Forums :)
Do you have any pixel selection active? press ⌘ (cmd)+D to deselect any selection that may be active and try again. Also make sure you are working with a Pixel layer type and not an Image layer type. You can check this looking at the label in parenthesis after the layer's name in the Layers panel. Image layers are considered object layers - they retail the original image data so you can transform them non-destructively (scale, rotate etc) but they can't be edited at a pixel level. For that you must convert them to Pixel layers first right-clicking on them in the Layers panel and selecting Rasterise.
Also make sure you don't have the opacity or flow set to 0% in the context toolbar when using brush tools.

Without seeing you file/layer structure is difficult to guess what may be the reason for that behavior. Any chance you can upload/attach it if you still have trouble?

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