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30 Mostly Nontraditional Compass Roses

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Hi!   I have had great fun with Affinity Designer's shapes and making this series.  So relaxing!  I have learned a lot while doing this, as I'm sure you'll be able to tell as I post more-- such as, how to use gradients, boolean operations, converting to curves, centering objects, grouping, bitmap fills, etc.  Essentially I've learned how to use AD while making these. 


I will say that after a bit I realized that if I was going to call the series "Compass Roses" they should have at least multiples of four points, so some of the early ones broke that rule.  That said, here are the first five and I will post the others in a bit.  There are other wonky things too, but I call that a process of learning and I'm very happy with the last windroses especially.


I'm still working on my "villains" series, but they take a LOT longer to do than these compass roses...






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Wonderful thought and design. Looks like you are having fun.


OS X Version 10.14.6 iMac 27" 3.2 GHz i5- 32 GB  Huion Kamvas Pro 20

iPad Pro 12.9" IOS 13


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Here are the next 5.  7 and 10 in particular might make good screen prints or linoprints.  (I know I'd choose linoprints first-- I don't have the set up for screen printing right now, other than by using stencil methods or EZ solar screenprinting, which I haven't tried before but looks easy enough with the right materials.)


Critiques welcome!  Thanks guys! 






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Next up, 11- 15.  11 is honestly one of my least favorite the entire series, but I was experimenting.  12 and 15 are two of my favorites, on the other hand.  :-)  Ah, the power of fx effects and layer adjustments . . .






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Here are some more, 16-20.  I'm not quite sure what to think about the non-symmetrical ones; some of them I like, others are a bit too wonky even for me (18) but overall this is a pretty good group.  At windrose 20 I finally figured out clipping vs masking so I was experimenting with that quite a bit as well.  I was also trying to vary my colors a bit.  :-) 19 used to be a horrid pink gray mauve and I altered it substantially, which I believe was a wise move...


Critiques welcome!






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I really love this set overall.  There's a bit of unconscious Arabic influence probably; I was listening to the Voyages of Sinbad the Sailor while drawing windroses 22-24.  He's a jerk, you know?  In his fourth  voyage he gets stuck in a tomb after his wife dies (custom of her people) and ends up murdering other people (women too) who are thrown alive into the mass grave with their dead spouses. He then steals their food and grave robs so that if/when he escapes he'll be able to survive their stuff and he sells it all later to get filthy rich.  Cannibalism wasn't mentioned, but . . . I wouldn't have been at all surprised. *shudders.* 


I didn't remember all this stuff from the first time I read the Arabian Nights as a kid . . .


My favorite windrose might be 23.  I don't know, though.  






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Last batch, plus a bonus windrose I made on the side later.  Thanks guys!  Hopefully you've enjoyed this series.  It was entertaining enough maybe I will make a spinoff later.  I LOVE working with Affinity's shape tools.  :-)







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