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Transparent border after resizing and pasting from clipboard

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This might be a dumb question, I normally use photoshop / illustrator on a pretty basic level and am trying out the Affinity software.


Anyway, when opening up a PNG/JPG in the Affinity software, resizing it by selecting 'Document setup' and changing the dimensions, and then selecting a part of the image with the Marquee tool, copying and pasting it with 'New from clipboard'. The new image has a transparent border as if I selected it using the feather option. It might be my lack of knowledge but I have no idea why this is happening, or how to disable this select option.


When I paste it into Photoshop for example it also has this border, so I guess the error I (or the software) make is during the selecting/copying with the Marquee tool.


I have provided some screenshots for clarity, hope someone can shed some light on this.







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Hi sjhand,


Welcome to the forum


Can you please use the transform tab to check that the shape is 300 x 300 and with no decimal points 

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Hi DWright,


Thanks for the reply.


The original image is 300 by 300 pixels, then I resize to 200 by 200, and select ( for example ) a 70 by 70 pixel area with the marquee tool. When I paste that from clipboard however, the new image is 70,7 by 70,7 pixels, with a transparent border.

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