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Tom Schülke

Drag and drop from external sources like explorer... ore xnviewmp

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I use a tool to have a visual feedback of our footage and have optimised it to be able to right click open it in affinity.  also i use it to drag and drop footage to the canvas or to oopen it as a seperated object..

We could need the option to drag it over an existing layer to replace it ! would be handy..  maybe togethe with a shortcut to replace it and in the same time use the new one as a linked Object  (when this feature will arrive for affinity   :D   )

When dragging en external file to the canvas i would like a shortcut option to first popup an option window , where to drop it ..    left , right, in the middle, wich scale or so... 


heres a short screenshot what i mean... 


feature request drag and drop.jpg

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