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Affinity Photo Customer Beta - 1.6.5 (Beta 5)

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Great job!

One issue I've found: for brushes with texture set to Nozzle mode the preview is broken (shows a flat brush).

Check for example DAUB Bristles > Large Textured Gouache (the third from the bottom).


Texture works but it is not displayed anymore.


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I ran into this one (an empty layer row beneath the layer called 'Base'). I think it happened when i collapsed a Group layer, but i also noticed funny behaviour when simply adding layers, i.e. a text layer in one of the groups.


PS. This originally was an imported .psd file with smart layers in it.



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^^ I've faced that issue too in Designer a few times


On another subject, I think there might be an issue going on with pasting pixels. They do not paste in position. Insert a photo and rasterize it. Put a selection box around a region and cut and paste it. The pasted region seems to be far off.

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Inpainting brush bug


Inpainting just stops working and you have to restart the app to get it back again. Here's how to recreate it.

  1. Bring in a pixel layer to a comp, so it has an alpha on its own layer (RGBA)
  2. Nest another pixel element to it
  3. Use inpainting brush on the parent layer - it works
  4. Create a new pixel layer on top - set inpainting to (Current Layer & Below - it keeps forgetting its settings)
  5. Paint on the new layer and it creates a direct clone of what is below, no inpainting
  6. This behaviour is now default until you restart the app.

System: Yosemite 10.10.5

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Masking bug

Selections made in masking mode are persistent, invisible, can't be deselected and are saved to the document.

  1. Have a pixel layer with any sort of stuff on it
  2. Move to masking mode (the one with the red overlay)
  3. Draw gradient to mask portions of it
  4. Select > Deselect
  5. Save
  6. Open again in either Designer or Photo
  7. Be frustrated that nothing you add to the document is visible unless in the non-masked area
  8. Deselect still not possible
  9. Only way to deselect is to create a new selection via > select all and deselect that one



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