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Hi There,


Is there a way to remove a border or stroke of a shape in a selected location? For example, I want to remove the stroke on top or top border of a rectangle. If not removed change the color.



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For a simple shape such as a rectangle you could use a vector crop to trim the edge where you want to remove the stroke.


But the more thorough answer would be...


  • Draw your shape, and add a fill but no stroke.
  • Create a duplicate of your shape and apply a stroke but no fill.
  • Remove the section of the stroke that you don't want to see using any of...
    • A mask
    • Breaking at selected nodes and deleting the line section
    • A container layer
    • Transparency

Note: if you want to edit the shape in the future, you would have to repeat the process above, unless you make the shape into a symbol. In which case all instances would update to reflect the new changes.


Here is a file with a few examples...


Affinity Broken Outline.afdesign

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Hi Frogy Diak,

Once the rectangle drawn, "Layer", "Convert to Curves". Then take "Node Tool" and select one of the nodes of the top line, "Break Curve" and repeat this for the second node.

You can then move or clear the top line of the rectangle.

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