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Aspect Ratio for Product Photos

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You can do a batch job.


The tick boxes by "A" locks Aspect Ratio.



Untick it.


They even made a movie :)  Affinity Photo - Batch Processing


Hope that does it.



Windows PCs. Photo and Designer, latest non-beta versions.

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In my world of Video, Affinity LACKS Pixel Aspect Ratio, unlike PS, so everything has to be in square pixels. Whilst most Full HD is square pixels, everything else including  HDV and some Panasonic 1440x1080 broadcast formats use a 1.33 pixel aspect ratio.

EXAMPLE: making a menu for DVD in PAL widescreen (16x9)  720x576  PAR 1.422 - in Affinity this would be done as 1024x576  which is 1:1 = square. 4x3 PAL has a PAR 1.067 so 768x576 is used. Many designers never need or know of PAR!

As for the original post do you mean Aspect ratio, or simply resize? Resizing KEEPING with an original aspect or keep AR locked will keep a circle round.  ie changing 1000 x 1000 to 100 x 100 but if you unlock and change to 1000 x 100 you will have an image that has been through grannie's mangle! Cropping gives you a selective portion.

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