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Shortcut to control brush flow

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Hello, could be extremely usefull (and near mandatory to work fluently) to have a shortcut to quickly modify brush flow,

or to change pixel brushs maybe.

scenario: im drawing, im using a lot the finger tool, and sometimes there is small details i need to work with, that need a lot of flow, and other times i just want to melt a bit the colors, so i need a lot less.

and i got to change a lot and a lot for my workflow, so having it at top left corner makes it a hell to use. go in the top left corner, modify, test if its ok, if its nto go back with mouse in top left corner... you get crazy in 5 minutes.


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Any move on this? The inability to quickly adjust flow is now the only impeding me from moving to affinity permanently.


I also teach Photoshop, and introduce Affinity as a cheaper alternative. I would love to teach Affinity instead, but for matte painting (which I teach) the flow value is extremely important.  

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Yes my muscle memory is also missing this feature. Shift 1-10 for setting values in 10 % steps, quickly typing two numbers to set exact numbers works just great in Photoshop.
If one instead wants to have a slider, without having it visible in the GUI one may simply drag left and right ( in any number field) with control pressed. That works very well with Mouse and Tablet.

Inside Affinity to get Slider based controls one has to hit a tiny rectangle and click. After that one will have have to move the pointer about a centimeter down, to reach the knob of of the slider. I do realize that you display the slider knob centered under the arrow, regardless of its current value.

While you use more GUI this implementation works worse than in Photoshop. It is not at all Tablet friendly as one only has a ~5x5mm area to trigger that slider while in Photoshop one may use the full width of the Number field. Having to move the Pointer each time to grab the knob could easily get avoided too – you make a two step operation of a thing which only requires one step: Place the pointer, hold a hotkey and start dragging.



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