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The Image I’m Submitting For 1.6 Promo, VW Golf GTI 1.6 (AD)


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On 8/26/2017 at 1:34 PM, VectorVonDoom said:

I was going to do this drawing in Illustrator but read about Serif/Affinity wanting images for their 1.6 promo material so thought I’d give AD a try for the first time. This will be my submission and it so happens the GTI had a 1.6 engine early on. 


Hopefully any Golf aficionado will recognise it as an imaginary custom series 1 Mk1 Golf GTI (1.6l 8v) in Miami blue. It’s been de-wipered, lowered, smoked lights, chrome bumpers, no arches and some really nice alloys you can’t see! I couldn’t decide on the colour, either Mars red or Miami blue. Obviously went with blue but the body just uses a single global colour so easy to change my mind later. 


All in all it went fairly smoothly, if you know Illustrator you pretty much know AD. Some things I really liked, one thing I really didn’t (I’m looking at you layers palette).  Overall it was fun and good practice. Never used so many gaussian blurs before.


As it's bank holiday weekend I've a little time to go back to it and tweak it if I decide I need to.

golf small.jpg

golf close up.jpg

Nice work - really like it 🙂

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The layer management is one of the functions that could definitely be improved in Designer, especially for artists that create a shedload of them in their drawings. Personally I would like it if it would be possible to move a nested layer into a nested layer anywhere between any of the nested objects, but that probably would be some sort of pipe dream.

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Hi @VectorWhiz,
Not sure if by nested you are referring to masking or clipping positions. In the video below I'm moving a couple clipped objects over other clipped objects. In the last example in the video I also pick a clipped rectangle and move it to a nested (masking position) over the circle on bottom. There's indeed a couple cases where the children disappear - not shown in the video - (not sure if you are referring to those specifically) but they were also addressed/fixed internally, sorting these issues out definitely (no timeframe yet).



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First I would like to remark that it sometimes is difficult to place a curve exactly where you wat it to be within the layer structure; it often goes straight to the top. Secondly, the same happens when moving an object. The latter problem van be avoided, by using the node tool, selecting all the nodes and then moving the curve, which does not result in it being moved to the top. These are bugs (imho) that affect artists that create hundreds or thousands of objects in the layer structure. When the layer structure is scarecely populated this is a minor problem.

Then a more detailed explanation of my previous post: In 3D applications it is possible to plave an object in front of an other, behind the next and then in front of a third one. This is possible to do in a 2D application like Affinity Designer as well, but it requires a lot of tinkering. But less of that would be needed if a group of objects could be placed inside an other group of objects, below or above of one of the sub-objects of the first group. I guess this is an inherent restriction of 2D applications.

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