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just new with affinity photo for mac. I buyed it to play with LUTs and FCPX. I did tutorials on internet, but it's impossible for me to have a result. Tried exporting .tiff picture from FCPX then graded it on AP, did printscreen, tried .jpg and .png, but always the same problem. See pictures. Am I doing something wrong or is it a bug? when the lut is applied on FCPX (I tried two different app to apply the LUT (mLUT and PixelStudio) the result is the same.


the weiderst thing is that when I apply the created LUT on the original picture in affinity photo the problem is the same!


any idea???


many thanks for the help and sorry for my english...







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I have the same problem. I also noticed how in videos on youtube, the dropdown menu for export...Mine reads "Export LUT" while everyone else seems to have "Export 3D LUT." Why do I not have 3D Lut option on the menu. Is that what's causing this different color interpretations between final cut and affinity?


Affinity version 1.6.6. 

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