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Eyedropper (color picker) always black and white.

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I click on the "Stroke" window to bring up the color options. When I pick a color on the wheel, the stroke color changes as expected. However, when I drag the color picker around, the image in the picker changes to reflect what's underneath, but the actual color values (both displayed under the circle and in the stroke) are always only black or white. That is, the Color picker isn't actually picking the color that it shows---it always coverts to either black or white.


On the attached screen shot, notice that the color picker shows blue, but the displayed RGB value is (0,0,0). 


This only happens on parts of the screen. Things seem to work better when the picker tool is physically closer to the eyedropper icon.


This behavior looks like a bug. If it isn't, what am I doing wrong? If it is, is there a workaround, and can I do anything to help you track down the problem?



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