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Curves Adjustment Layer Input/Output Values / Percentages

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I really need to see adjustment input/output values (percentages) in the curves adjustment layer palet as in Photoshop

This is the only reason why I can't switch to Affinity Photo and still use Photoshop

I need to see values so I can correct to colors to certain minimal % to prevent breackoff by flexo printing

Please .. I really want to use Affinity Photo and asking already 2 years for this feature

Schermafbeelding 2017-08-25 om 12.15.22.png

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Hey Twain,


I just stumbled upon this today as well after opening a PSD file which looked totally differnet compared to what it looked like in Photoshop.
It's nice those text boxes are there – but they just won't work for me as expected, if they work at all.

This is a problem if you need to open PSD files which come with curves that originally have those informations attached, regardless 

if you need those values for professional production or amateur image editing. If the material looks different from what you expect it's
unnecessary work to recreate the right values/look, especially if one assigned the input/output to the individual channels with more then
one node on each curve.


Also I figured while in Photoshop has a different default setting how to display input/output values that Affinity Photo.




Light (0-255, default setting): Displays the intensity values for RGB images in a range from 0 to 255, with black (0) at the lower-left corner.
Pigment/Ink (%): Displays the percentages for CMYK images are displayed in a range from 0 to 100, with highlights (0%) at the lower-left corner.

Affinity Photo:


Input minimum and Input maximum are useful for 32-bit documents with out of range tonal values, but can also be used to fine tune the manipulated tonal range in 8-bit and 16-bit documents:
Input minimum—specify, in float, a minimum value to use as tonal input.
Input maximum—specify, in float, a maximum value to use as tonal output.


Affinity Photo allows values from -100 to +100 – the unit is undefined, I couldn't find where it says what those values actually mean,
and I have no idea what "float" is supposed to mean in this context.


Also in Photoshop you can assign values for individual points on the curve, while Affinity Photo allows only one value as a general
input if I understand correctly.


I hope some developer reads this and can give us insight about this topic and why those fields are there and what's the intention about
changing how they usually work completely.


Personally I think especially curves is the most basic adjustment there is and it's not really working out as intended – even if AP is out a
few years now. The option to quickly change between editing modes (RGB, CMYK, Lab, Grey) is interesting, but maybe that's the point
why it's not working as expected.




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I am also looking towards when this will get implemented. It is very much desired for precise adjustment of nodes. In Lab Color space, the precision is required

when one wants the top and bottom points of the curve  moved inwards exactly the same amount.

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