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I know this is a little like the kids asking, "Are we there yet?" and being told, "We'll get there when we get there!", but...


Can someone let me know a timeframe of when the beta of Affinity Photo will be released? Last December was mentioned at one time and now passed. So, are we thinking 1st quarter 2015 or maybe summer 2015?


Appreciate it! (and if this was posted somewhere else, I am sorry. I stopped searching after 20 minutes of not finding anything).



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Hello michaeldeleon

Welcome to Affinity Forums :)

The reason we don't disclose time frames is exactly because of what you said: we may miss them.

And then everyone becomes disappointed. We can't predict exactly when things will be ready.

Some times there's delays, last hour problems that must be solved etc. So it's better left it undefined.

With that said, if you take a look at the latest Affinity Designer Beta release notes, you will see that it's already being prepared for Affinity Photo integration... :rolleyes: 

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Not trying to be too cryptic, but... Try asking this question again on Monday... ;)


That wasn't a very good try at not being cryptic  :D

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Oooh ... excited and amused by the timing.


I've spent a few hours investigating Apple's new Photos app and as a long time Aperture user, I've realised that this isn't going to cut-it for a long time and probably never.


Could it be that Affinity Photos is going save me from Adobe's evil clutches? :) I hope so.


(Wanting but somehow not expecting raw-file-management to be a part of Affinity Photos :unsure: )

Grumpy, but faithful (watch out all you cats)

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