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Just got AP and first impressions are v good (previously years of Photoshop use).

Tried processing my first raw file however and the image has a dark vignette at the corners.

Never had this problem in Photoshop so am initially surprised and at a loss as to what is causing it. Previews ok on my mac.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Apologies if this is posted in wrong section - am first time poster. Also am I correct in assuming there's no direct support, as I just got directed to the forums when I clicked on the support tab?

I've attached a small jpeg of the file in question.



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Hi iandreams,

Welcome to Affinity Forums :)

Does the pixel dimensions of the image in Affinity Photo are larger than when you open it in Photoshop and other software? If so, that's because Affinity Photo's default RAW engine (Serif Labs) displays the full sensor data rather than the dimensions suggested by the camera manufacturer which discard the unreliable data/parts from the sensor. If you are using a Mac and change the RAW engine to Apple (Core Image RAW) instead, it should load the image as you are expecting (no unreliable data and regular pixel dimensions). To change the RAW engine used by Affinity Photo go to menu View ▸ Assistant Manager (in Develop Persona) and change the first dropdown to Apple (Core Image RAW).


If the dimensions are the same then there may be some issue when we import the RAW image. Which camera model/RAW format are you using?


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Thanks for your quick response.


I changed the RAW engine as you suggested and it fixed the problem.


I have to say that my first impressions of Affinity Photo are excellent: as a former Photoshop user of several years I think that AP looks simply gorgeous, and the layout & functions feel just right. Of course I'll have to start the learning curve again as I try to get my head around how to do things with AP that I've taken for granted over the years with Photoshop, but I've got no doubt that I'll enjoy AP much more.


Thank you again.

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Our engine (Serif Labs) do this by design. We prefer let the user choose/decide what data to discard and so we present the sensor's full data. You can then crop the image as you see fit. 

To help you get started with the program take a look at the Official Affinity Photo Video Tutorials thread here.

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