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Unable to import RAW photos from cloud drive

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I currently have an iPad Pro 10.5 running the latest public beta of iOS 11 and my camera is a Samsung NX500. I uploaded the RAW photos to my dropbox from a macbook pro and then opened them through the "import from cloud" option in Affinity Photo on my iPad. When I do this all I get is a black screen. I understand that when you open a raw photo through the photos app that Apple's RAW engine is used and my camera is not supported by that RAW engine. I was hoping that by using the cloud that the image would be bypassing the Apple Raw engine and would be using the Affinity RAW engine (which does support my camera).  Is this not the case? Or is there something else going wrong? Thanks in advance for your help!. 

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Hi Rdunn


Unfortunately we only use the Apple RAW engine on iPad whichever method you use to open the file. We may add the Serif Labs RAW engine at some point but it's not in at this stage



Serif Europe Ltd - Check the latest news at www.affinity.serif.com

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I also use a Samsung NX500. Is there anyway that Samsung NX1 or NX500 raws can be directly imported into Affinity Photo for Ipad  without going through some clumsy 3rd party route? This will help me tremendously .

Thank you

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