Status: Beta Release Purpose: New features, fixes Requirements: Purchased Affinity Designer Mac App Store: Not Submitted Download: Here   This Beta has been updated to fix a translation issue as of 2pm (BST), Thursday 24th August. Aside from the translations, the application remains the same so you only need to download it again if you had a problem. Sorry for the inconvenience.   This beta version represents a substantial change to our codebase and as much as we have tried to ensure the quality of the code, it should be considered to be not suitable for production use. This means that you should not attempt to use it for commercial purposes or for any other activity that may be adversely affected by the application failing. In addition it is definitely worth noting that files created in Affinity 1.6 may not open in 1.5 so always make a copy of your important documents before opening them in 1.6 to ensure you do not accidentally overwrite them and are unable to open them in your 1.5 version.   To use this beta, simply download the file from the link given above and double-click on the file to open the installer. Follow the instructions to install the beta version. The beta sits alongside the Mac App Store version and will not interfere with it.   Fixes/Improvements: Fix for incorrect grid behaviour with isometric grid in Metal view mode, also Triangular grid misbehaviour Fix for incorrect document background area being drawn when zoomed in on an Artboard document in pixel view mode (fixed for Metal view only) Fix for text frame resize via double-clicking handle causing crash Fix for crash on EPS import Fixed some PDF import issues Added ability to rotate the selected nodes in the Node Tool - via the Transform panel Fix for studio panels not correctly restoring their hidden/visible state between application sessions Path text now allows baseline editing when text is multi-line Further tweaked Expand Stroke results to not be so aggressive Miscellaneous other fixes and tweaks