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I have taken several images of  ~ 'Signs with strange or unusual wording in them'.  The problem is that some of the images are not 100% "face on"  they're at an odd angle either facing up wards or going off to the left or the right.  I'm sure I've seen a video on how to straighten them up and bring it face on but after an hour or two searching I've had no luck. ~ can anyone point me in the right direction or come up with any suggestions?  

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You can use a combination of the Lens correction feature in the Develop persona and the Perspective Tool in the Photo persona

Due to the ongoing Brexit negotiations, punctuation, spelling and grammar will be used sparingly until further notice.

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As carl123 said, use the perspective tool


Quick example




It is a lot easier to get it square if you set Source rather Than destination.

You can draw the grid lines over the border, then apply will distort the shape to the grid. Otherwise you have to do it by eye.

Don't use the outside grid lines or it will remove the border. As pic 2





Windows PCs. Photo and Designer, latest non-beta versions.

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