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Hi lllrichmanlll

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This is something that has been requested before but we have no plans to develop Affinity apps for Linux i'm afraid.


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Where I think this would be HUGE is on Chromebooks. The next generation is not using Windows or Apple products. They are using Chromebooks. And the kids love them. They are simple, and elegant with a clean and intuitive interface. And now with Android apps on them they are basically full computers. My own son absolutely hates Windows, and Mac OS. He thinks they are "too busy". Chromebooks do lack many "power" apps like Illustrator, Designer, Photo, etc. It's fairly simple to install Linux and run applications in "Window mode" within Chrome OS. Ideally it would be interesting to see Affinity products on Android, but locked into Chromebooks, or Tablet dimensions. 

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On 8/24/2017 at 10:54 PM, NigelGunn said:

There's obviously a requirement for a Linux photo editor.

There is a requirement for both a Affinity Designer and Affinity Photo on Linux. I'd buy them even if the price was twice that of the macOS and Windows versions (that's me of course). Now we are stuck with second grade apps in this area on Linux, so I need to dual boot Windows.

In most other fields Linux is covered:

- Audio: Bitwig, Reaper, Ardour, ...

- Video: Lightworks

- 3D: Maya, Houdini, Blender, Modo...

- CAD: DraftSight

- Office: LibreOffice, OnlyOffice, ...

- UI design: Figma

But when it comes to Photo editors, we're stuck with Gimp. I'm not mentioning Krita because it's more focused towards painting. Not that the Gimp is bad, but its UI and UX is way below what we find acceptable these days.

And the same can be said for Vector Graphics editors and Desktop Publishing. Inkscape and Scribus are in the same boat as Gimp. They're not necessarily bad but not pleasant to work with, either. To be fair, GravitDesigner is working hard to deliver a vector graphics app, but it's nowhere near Affinity Designer.

Lately, a lot of companies are investing in Linux. Take Bitwig for example, also fairly new like the Affinity apps. More than 30% of their customer base are Linux users. This is partially thanks to the fact that Ableton Live does not run on Linux (natively). But it shows that money can be made from the Linux world. On Linux, Serif has an open field. There is literally no competition. I know a lot of people would be happy to leave the macOS/Windows world if any company would provide decent apps for graphic designers. And especially with the rise of elementary OS and POP!_OS, it's clear that a new group of design-oriented people is entering the Linux environment.


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Can we avoid another long thread about Unix.  All the arguments have been made (many times), and have been answered (many times).




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