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LUT export issues

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I was hoping to use Affinity Photo to create cube LUTs for use in the Unity game engine but the exported LUTs are not consistent with the adjustments that have been applied. Note that I'm aware of the RB channel swapping bug and I'm manually correcting that as outlined in this forum post.



At first I thought this may have been an issue with the 32bit workflow required by Unity but some simple tests on 8bit screenshots show incorrect results as well. Some one-off adjustments like Levels or HSL work fine, but others like Shadows & Highlights are not properly exported. Multiple stacked adjustments just tend to go coo coo bananas ;)


I've attached an (extreme) example with the original adjustments in a group and the resulting LUT imported back into Photo in a new LUT adjustment layer. Toggle between the originals and the LUT layer to see what I mean. I've also seen NAN values in some exported cube files and I can try to repo that as well if needed.


I'm running Affinity Photo 1.5.2 on macOS 10.12.6. Any help will be appreciated!


LUT Test.afphoto

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Hi frankc


Thanks for raising this There was previous issue with channels being switched which i believe is now fixed but it seems to have now exposed some other oddities. I shall look into this and get it reported



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I tried the latest beta and the channel swapping has indeed been fixed. Photo will be a beast for colour grading once these other issues get sorted :D The 32bit file support soundly trounces Photoshop's abilities in this area.

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