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Tom Schülke

Embedded File (pdf) no more replaceable !!!

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Hi everyone,

can anyone help us please ?  In my architectural company, my Collegues have develloped a smart workflow using Autocad and Photoshop, to easily bring Changes, that happen all the time , Back to Photoshop...    in Autocad they can print all whised layouts with the needed objekts automaticaly to a folder.   in Photoshop they combine the plotted pdfs to a Photoshop document..    the layer in Photoshop get their colour by a fill layer, so they doesnt have to care about colors in Autocad and are much more precice and flexible to change their Photoshop layer to the exakt color they need.


No i tried to reproduce this in Affinity Photo.


Everything worked fine, untill i try to use the embedded pdf file to mask my fill layer.

Affinity still tells me that the now embedded pdf , used as the mask for my fill layer, is an embedded dokument, but i am no more able to use the "Replace" Button.

This is essential for us for a flexible autocad - or revit- to affinity workflow...  it saves us about half an hour to two hours of recombining the affinity layout, using the replacd button..

but in affinity it seems not to work...


any ideas, or workarounds ? 

Here i pose some immages..599ac174a3ded_embeddingpdfs1.thumb.jpg.3f2dc063b7ef3aaf36472215a43a4dd9.jpg

embedding pdfs 2.jpg

embedding pdfs 3.jpg

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Hi Tom


Because of the way you have the object clipped you are effectively turning it into a mask which has limited it's functionality as such. To replace the file you would been to drag it out from being clipped then you should get the replace commands, then once replaced drag it back. Probably not ideal but this is how it behave will all objects that are clipped this was not just embedded documents. Saying that I don't see any reason why there options should not be available, however i would say this could possibly be more of a feature request more than a bug. I can pass it on to the development team though



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Hallo Chris_K


Well thanks, i tried it and it seems to work as a workaround.

But you´re absoluteley right..   there´s no reason from a user side, why the funktionality of the embedded Layer should be removed only because its now used as a masklayer....   so well ,  Yes Please


pass it on to the developement team..


it would sure make the workflow better


thanks Tom

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