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Hi, I'm interested in buying this software for ipad.
I've read that you need to use icloud to import photos into RAW.

Is this still true or has it been solved with the new versions?

I would like to import directly from SD.

Thank you!

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Here is what I found recently and this is what my workflow is made up of. 

1. Import to iPad photo app with sd camera card reader.  I am using iPad Pro 10.5 and iOS 11 beta.  The pohotos are imported automatically, I.e, the photo app opens up, and all you need to do is to hit the import all button.  Takes 1 or 2 minutes to import 200 photos. 

2. Not sure if you require ios11, but raw and jpeg are imported, although you will not see it in photo app.  But apps like LR lite and Afinity Photo will show the raw files.

3. I opened a raw file with AP, do my usual edit, but cannot save the edit steps for another photo (maybe future updates ?). The metadata shows a file size of 1920x1280, but I got confirmation from moderator Lee that it is the jpeg file size, not the raw file size, and future update will fix this.

4. To save my final processed photo, I export, share, save to file, ok, choose which file to save to (as shown in the new file app, which is in ios11).  I created a directory before hand , not sure if you can create it on the fly. 


So all in all, not too bad for the effort in this work flow. But, and a big but, the file name of the photo (supposed to be DSCF1234) is lost. You end up with a name like “untitled.jpg”. You can edit the name before or after you save it. 


If you use icloud, you have to send the photos from iPad photo app to your iOS drive (in ios11 it is in file app). AP will open the file, but it looks like it is jpeg although the file size is same as the raw file.  So not sue what you have here, raw or jpeg. But, the file name of DSCF1234 is retained when you try to save it.  This method requires you to have wifi on to work with iCloud. 


This is  what I have experienced so far, and I am processing the raw files while I am on vacation away from my desktop.  It is definitely worth the $30 for the good use of time while away.


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