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Kerning not reading properly from psd files

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When I open a file created with Photoshop in .psd format I see random issues with fonts.  The auto kerning parameter appears to be read incorrectly.  As I used the navigator to zoom in and out the font would be drawn incorrectly and with random spacing.  Once I clicked on the font with the font tool and re-selected "auto" kerning it started to behave.  It's like it was uninitialized after I read it - behaved a bit odd when I tried to set it.  Once set, it snapped to what it was supposed to be.

I have Affinity Photo v 1.5.2 on Mac 10.10.5.  Here's what I see when I zoom in and out.  I am not resizing the image.  I am just using the navigator to zoom the current display.


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sure thing

On my Mac, I tried opening this psd file with Affinity Photo just now and the fonts display incorrectly as a I zoom in and out.  I closed the file and re-opened with Adobe Photoshop Elements and it displays fine.  The file may have been originally created under the Windows platform.  The font in question was installed on both machines - a publicly available font available via dafont free download although I have seen this problem with other fonts as well.




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Thanks for that! I've reproduced it myself and also on a new PDF using Arial. It is the use of Point Text I think in Photoshop that is causing it. I'll get it passed on.


Thanks again.



Just tried it in the latest beta 1.6.0 B7 and it appears to have been fixed in that. Feel free to give it a go yourself here :)


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