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Keyboard zoom centered around selection

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Sorry to bother with Fireworks features but this one I happened to use a lot.

In AD, zooming in with CTRL/+ currently zooms in on the center of the viewport. Fireworks used to do that when you didn't have anyuthing selected. However, if you selected an element on your viewport and hit CTRL/+ you'd zoom in on the selection until ultimately it's full screen centered (similar to double clicking on a thumbnail in the layers panel).

Makes sense since you're working on those and want to watch them closer, not?

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Totally agree! CMD +/- to zoom in/out to selection is the most efficient way to zoom by far, especially for pen/tablet users. AD has a similar way of zooming using a mouse, but a lot of users do not use a mouse, especially illustrators which make a great portion of Affinity's user base.

Most of today's mainstream design apps like Sketch, Gravit, and Figma are having zoom functionality exactly the same as it was in Fireworks. It would really, really help to have it in Affinity Designer / Photo built in as well.

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