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Ipad to windows Workflow?

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It is becoming increasingly clear that it will be a very long time before there is an Android or Windowa equivalent of the Photo/ Designer for Ipad combination.- if it ever happens. Some of us have been Windows users for years, largely because there are some technical sectors where the apps we use are mainly available for Windows. But it is laso clear from the reviews that Photo for Ipad is a brilliant piece of software, and seems to be a delight to use. That begs the question of whether there is an effective workflow that would allow the use of an Ipad Pro for offsite work in combination with a Windows based system back at base. How would files be transferred between the two? Would the expected DAM address some of the issues of interchageability?

I am sure I am not the only person to want to avoid being trapped into the Apple family of devices. It seems once in, there is no way out!

Comment and advice welcome.


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Hi GrahamMYC,

There's nothing stopping you from using the iPad version in conjuction with the Windows version. Affinity native file formats are cross platform, so you should be able to create the file on one device/computer an continue on other devices/platforms. Affinity Photo for iPad is on version 1.6 already while the desktop version for Windows is still on 1.5, but you can install the latest Beta (1.6) to be able to exchange files between them. Regarding cloud services integration, you can use iCloud for Windows, or any other cloud service you might be using (Dropbox, Google Drive etc).

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That is most encouragingm and what I expected. But what is the best mechanism for (say) (a) keeping my library of images on a NAS attached to my network at home, and accessing such a file from the Ipad Pro (b) saving images on the Ipad Pro using wireless transfer from the camera, then transferring them from there to the NAS. (MY NAS is a very basic Synology system.

(by the way, I am 76 and really am grateful for the time and trouble people take to answer what must seem to be basic questions)

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