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I am using AP for iPad pro 2017 and sometimes i want to smash the pad against the wall!!! -Thanks, Affinity... 


Youre working on a pic for maybe 1 or 2 hours and you want to make a last selection or something else and then... CRASH! Every changes lost! 

I want to know WHEN is the next USABLE update release date?????

This app is actual FAAAR FAR AWAY from a "PHOTOSHOP-KILLER"! You maybe got 2% of it!




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Welcome to the Forums.


Please try and refrain from writing half of your post in caps it gives the impression you are shouting and makes the post more difficult to read.


I can't say exactly when the new update will be released but you could sign up for the beta build found below :)  This will allow you to use the new updates before they are officially released.






Please tag me using @ in your reply so I can be sure to respond ASAP.

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May I suggest, just like you should on a desktop app, that you save your progress more often than every 2 hours? It's just a matter of tapping on the arrow in the upper left and then re-opening the doc. I hardly think this makes it unusable

iPad Pro 12.9 M1/Mac Mini M1, in that order

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As wgphoto said: saving is very easy. I do so very often.

Affinity Photo for iPad is the best program I ever had. I love sitting comfortably on the couch and use it. Now I use the desktop version rarely.

And you must not forget: it is the first version. Therefore one must count with isolated errors. But I can live with it, especially because I know the weak spots and I save on time.

Win10 HP i7 - AD (Win), AP (Win), APub (Win), AD (iPad), AP (iPad),
Affinity Photo for iPad Pro - the best app I ever had
excuse my bad English

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