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AP User Interface Refinements

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Affinity Photo version 1.5.2


1. Auto select existing parameter to speed up data entry

When the user clicks on the value box to enter a parameter value, the cursor is place at the position of the mouse click. It usually requires the user to select the entire contents and type over or backspace to clear the existing value.  Data entry would be faster if AP auto select the entire value string when the user first click on the value box and the user just needs to enter a value over it.  



2. Tone Mapping Persona - Collapsible Preset Area

The tone mapping preset area is displayed permanently which occupied precious screen real estate especially if you are working a small monitor (eg. laptop).  The preset is useful to get a starting point to work on, thereafter, most of the adjustments are carried out on the "studio" panel on the right.  A collapsible preset area would give the user a bigger space to work on the image.



3. Default UI color

Dark gray on even darker gray is hard to distinguish.  This is especially true for the dynamic toolbar that shows the various mode for each tool the user is working on.  For example, in the Pen tool, it is hard to distinguish at a glance which mode (pen mode, smart mode, polygon mode, ...)  the pen is currently in.  



4. Crop tool. Provide a modifier key to change the cursor from selection to move (vice versa)

When the user first select the crop tool, the cursor is default to selection point even though the crop frame is displayed.  The user can click on the edge handles to reside the crop frame or directly draw the crop frame using the selection point.  If the user first change the the crop ratio, the selection point remains even though the crop frame is already displayed.  There is no way to move the existing crop frame other than to draw a new one. It would be better to have a modifier key to toggle between selection cursor or move cursor.  


5. HSL dialog. Ability to display all the colours instead of using a drop down

In the HSL, it would be nice to display the colour swatch for the user to select instead of using a slower drop down menu.  This way, the user can quickly and intuitively select the colours to adjust. 


6. Photo / Developer Personas. Adjusting saturation & vibrance.

In the Photo Persona, colour saturation is adjusted on the HSL adjustment whereas vibrance has a separate adjustment.  In the Developer Persona, saturation and vibrance are grouped together.  Would it be possible to standardise these adjustment in the two personas? 


7. Blend mode

I am a novice in using the blend mode and I find it hard to visualise the result.  I'm wondering if an assistant and/or some presets would be useful to help users in utilising this feature. 



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#3: This is fixed in  Photo 1.6 now available in beta.


You are more likely to get proper responses if you post each problem as a separate item (rather than as a list in one posting). It will also get you more brownie points under your avatar at the left!

Windows 10, Affinity Photo 1.8,5 Designer 1.8.5 and Publisher 1.8.5 (mainly Photo), now ex-Adobe CC

CPU: AMD A6-3670. RAM: 16 GB DDR3 @ 666MHz, Graphics: 2047MB NVIDIA GeForce GT 630

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