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Hey Affinity Community

first off thanks for your great tools :)

I couldn't find anything so far so I'm gonna ask here:
Is it possible to export the blue ruler guidelines ? (Designer)
I'm currently working on a template that needs a bunch of guidelines for ppl to use in every program so I'd like to have these guides visible.


other quick solutions are also welcome :D 
have a good weekend


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Hi Jupiter Himself,

To my knowledge it is not possible to export the guides.

As a workaround you can draw very thin lines (the thickness of the guides and the color you want) on a separate layer, positioned exactly on the guides and representing them. You then block the layer to avoid accidentally moving the "guides".

It is not an ideal solution but I hope it will help.


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Thanks for the feedback Jupiter Himself.

Indeed a dedicated tool would be welcome especially when there are a large number of guides.

Have a good weekend.:)


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