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[Fixed] Affinity file crashes Designer when exporting as pdf

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Hello friends:

Running Affinity Designer with a file (attached) that includes a half tone psd file with transparent areas. When exporting to a print pdf, Designer (and Photo) crashes immediately with the notification: "An Unhandeled Exception has occurred.... Crash reporter will be displayed. Code: DxC0000005. Following that, another note displays saying: "Cannot start the Crash Reporter."

When the grayscale photoshop image is removed, the problem ceases.

My work around was to export as an EPS which is just fine for my purposes.


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The document somehow has its colour profile missing. If you change it to a different profile then change it back, it should PDF OK.

Can you remember how you created this? I am wondering if the colour profile somehow came from the PSD, and our PSD importer is mishandling grey colour spaces,

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Hi, Dave and Sean:

You guys have a wonderful program in Designer. I imported the RGB image file of sliced fruit into Photoshop where I made the background transparent. I converted the file to 8-bit grayscale and saved it as a PSD file with the Dot gain 20% ICC profile assigned by Photoshop. Personally, I don't pay too much attention to profiles with grayscale work. [I also tested by importing the grayscale PhotoShop image file into Affinity Photo and using it instead of the Photoshop file, but with the same crash result when exporting from Designer].

Then I imported the grayscale image into Designer which was also set as grayscale, had a graduation and the text set in Adobe's Cerigo Std. I liked the results and was glad for the EPS alternative output which went smoothly.

I am on Windows 10. Thanks for looking into this, I appreciate the chance to participate in the Affinity community.


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