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Egor Komarov

How copy and paste adjustments layers in Affinity Designer?

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Is there a faster way to copy adjustment layers? Unfortunately I can not select multiple adjustment to copy them. Grouping and adding the adjustments on top makes no sense here,  because I like to copy and then tweak them. 


Kind of the same question:

In PS it's not perfect but possible to copy adjustments. But you have to re-clip them to the new layer.


Please tell me that AP is better in this simple task and I'm just missing something here. 



PS: I'm using Affinity Photo but I guess Photo and Designer share the same concept.

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I hate to bring up a competing product's elegant solutions to these issues, but perhaps these can serve as inspiration how to improve how the layer stack works in Affinity. In PhotoLine this is solved as follows:

1) adjustment layers can be grouped together in one "super" adjustment layer, allowing for simple adjustment layer management, and the option to access all adjustment layer parameters simultaneously

2) adjustment layers can be grouped and duplicated as a group

3) adjustment layers, groups of adjustment layers, and the "super" adjustment layers can be cloned or instanced, and recycled. A change to the original adjustment layers cascades throughout the clones. Which really saves a lot of time and effort.

4) adjustment layers act and behave exactly like regular layers, making it very easy to manage and handle them. They can be moved with ease on top of a layer, or parented. Or even parented to other adjustment layers, affecting adjustments with other adjustments, ad infinitum.

It is by far the most elegant adjustment layer implementation that I have seen so far in any image editor (outside nodal compositors), and it would be great if the Affinity devs take one or two cues from that app.

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If it's an image and not a pixel layer you can group adjustment layers and duplicate/drag it to another image or even a pixel layer.

You could also duplicate the starting image and use the replace image option.

Or you could ctrl+click the adjustment layer(s) and select them one by one and drag them into the other image or pixel layer.

**note** this works only with image layers to start with and not after rasterizing it to a pixel layer

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It looks like it's pretty easy but as with many things in Affinity Designer I've found, the minimal / intuitive solution is not so obvious, but still as good or better than photoshop, etc.

Top example: This is the layer that I made a curves layer on originally. When I'm clicking anywhere the curves layer, it selects the curve AND the Background layer it's attached to, but only if I click the little square for the mask in the curves layer, it'll select the adjustment layer by itself. Then you can copy and paste. You can't opt+drag though, that will just move it to a new layer.

Bottom example: I pasted it on that background layer, and it just added it above as a new layer within that artboard, so I dragged it under the background layer with an indent so it's attached. But you can see it's treating it as if it's "grouped" within the background. — If you drag it so the blue line places it BETWEEN the preview and the title "Background", it'll attach itself to that layer the same way it is in the top example.


NOTE: Either of those two methods and originally just pasting it in that artboard will apply the curves adjustment to the image. I only have 1 image in each artboard so it's pretty simple, but if you want to do something more complicated, you could probably organize these adjustment layers and group them to get different effects, also with masking, blend modes, etc. I haven't tried it, but this might be just as flexible as photoshop if not give you even more options with the way Affinity groups and masks things.



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