Here's one I haven't seen before.  I was moving several nodes, in the node tool of course, when suddenly a note "Snapping timed out" appeared by the cursor.  Snapping was disabled by AD when this note was showing even though it was turned on.  What caused this?  What does this actually mean, other than snapping has been disabled by AD?  How can I get these nodes snapped?  It only happens when I get the nodes near the center of the drawing which I have marked by 2 guides.  Do I have too many selected or are there too many nodes in this area, etc.?  The center of the drawing is the center of perspective so I have several guide lines meeting here.   This is in 1.6.0 beta 5 on a mac running Sierra.   Minutes later... Okay then to try to get the nodes aligned seeing as snapping wasn't available I held down opt and spun the mouse wheel to zoom in.  I've had a spinning beachball for a good 15 minutes now.  Surprised AD hasn't crashed, never had a beachball last that long.  This drawing isn't all that large, yet.  Looks like I'll have to do a forced quit.  Yup I did.   When I reopened the drawing I didn't get the Snapping timed out again.