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How do I trim the end off a shape/curves?

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I have a simple shape (collection of lines drawn with the smart pen tool) and a line drawn vertically down this shape. I simply want to just trim off the surplus part of the shape. When I select both the shape (curves) and the line (again, all drawn using the pen tool), press ALT, and then select 'Add' on the geometry option something strange happens.

The long way around this is to simply draw the end segment I want, but I want the shape to be nice and clean without worrying about snapping to all the anchor points around it. What's the simple way of trimming off surplus curves to a shape? 




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Thanks for the reply. Ahh, starting to understand now. I'm from an AutoCAD background, so had my CAD 'polyline trim' head on. I'll leave this pic for any beginners like me, who might get stuck understanding the basic Affinity Designer geometry.



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