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Guides: setting exact location

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I'm new to Photo and am confused about using Guides. I would like to create a panorama image by setting the aspect ratio of crop tool to 3:1. Easy so far. Once the image is cropped I need to place two vertical guides do I can divide the image into three portions each 1:1 ratio.


How do you place guides at an exact location? This can be pixel value. For example, if the image is 3,000 pixels wide how do I set a guide at 1,000 pixels line? (without having to move the guide and read the distance marker that shows up on the guide)

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UPDATE: I figured out some of this. Apparently for those of use who are accustomed to right-clicking on everything, that won't work. But I had some manual guides on the page and I reopened the Guide Manager, and was able to click the values and change them to what I wanted, so that will work. I still don't know how to see the bleed marks though.


This was my original question: 

Where exactly do you "enter the values for the guides," because I can't find that at all. I get one option each for horizontal and vertical and that is dead center. I can add as many as I want but they are all either 5.5 or 4.25. So, what is up with that? 


Also, I added bleed to my document, but it is also not visible in the form of guides, as you might see in say Illustrator.


I am trying out the trial version, and would buy this in a heart beat, but only if it really does most of what I need it to - and I like precise placement of my guides, so.....



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Click on the page icon for new guides


Click on the number to get an entry box and type the value.


Sorry, don't know about bleed. 

Windows PCs. Photo and Designer, latest non-beta versions.

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