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Tool palettes, Wacom pad, calibration

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Hey all!  Loving and learning the latest AP software.  I've run into some hurdles.  


The tool palette has a very low contrast when tool is selected.  My screen is calibrated with a Munki therefore I'd rather not shift the contrast on the screen.  The preferences seem to have some sliders that suggest some kind of color contrast, however only the canvas area seems to work.  I'd really like the tool to slightly enlarge and light up, it's 2017, anything can happen.  


This also happens around the layers section. I'd be an outstanding upgrade to make the layers, landing level, a bright color like what happens when moving layers on AP on an iPad.  



working on an image with 5-12 layers; select one layer and make a subject selection to create a mask.  One file continues to delete the layer when hitting the delete key and another file just deletes what's been selected, which is what I wanted.   Program, broken?  



Selecting a subject, deleting the content to then fill with another color;  selected area gets filled, however when moving the selection there's remenents of a halo around the selected are that I must erase.  How can this be corected?  


4) Edges of subjects that have been Gaussian blurred get little checker marks.  Shows up on my image.  How do I make this, not happen?   


5) I use a Wacom pad and pen.  When selecting tools, the selection gets glitchy and doesn't always solidly select the tool.  Think I have an eraser,  AAAHAH, it's a paint brush.   Need to allow some sort of delay when selecting tools.  


Most of my issues are inconsistencies with the program of asking for a way to speed the work flow up.  Please help.  


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Hi Jarrett


1) I shall pass this feature request on to the development team


2) What type of layer is it that you have selected? Pixel layers will allow you to delete the contents of a pixel selection, however image layers will delete the entire layer until it has been rasterised


3) and 4) These sound like they are potentially the same issue, but are you able to provide an examples for us to look at so we know exactly what it is you are experiencing/seeing


5) I;m not getting any issues selecting tools with a wacom pen. Which pen/tablet are you using and with which drivers?



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