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Color Picker confusion? Color always goes in background in Color Panel

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I am sure this is mostly user error but it would be appreciated if someone can point out if I am doing something wrong.


So I use the Color picker alot. The problem is, every time i sample a color, it moves to the background circle on the color panel. This means when I goto my pixel or paintbrush, I have to switch the foreground and background colors every time to get the color I picked.


Am I just missing something when I am trying to sample colors? I apologize if this is something simple that I am just messing up on :(



You can see I sampled the color gray/blue on the color picker. It shows it on the front most color circle.




But then when i select another tool, it moves it to the background color forcing me to switch it every time.




Is there just an option I keep missing? I appreciate the assistance. 

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Hi Videowolff,


Thanks for the screenshots.  In the 2nd one, you currently have the background circle selected, so any picked colour will be applied to that.  If you tap X on the keyboard you should see it switch to the foreground circle.  You can also click on the little bendy arrow that's by the two 2 circles and it will switch between the 2 different options. 

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In addition to the above post, clicking on the circles themselves also does the same as pressing 'X' on the keyboard.  So in your first screenshot, if you click on the black circle whilst the colour picker tool is selected, that will bring it above the grey/blue circle.  Then when you pick a colour using the colour picker tool, it will change the top circle, which is what your paint brush tool will use.

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