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[Fixed] Vertical panorama not possible without warping

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Trying to do a panorama vertically rather than horizontally and the result is a funhouse mirror type warp with bottom frames warping into a blooming image with extreme distortion. I capture the original frames in sequence evenly in hopes of a vertical result as smooth and error free as a horizontal stitch, but so far no luck. I can find no information on this at all on your help tool, so if this isn't possible, consider this a feature request ! Thanks for input/solution from anyone out there that can help. Your tool will not let me send you the .jpg of the 600+MB file, so I will attempt to send you a screenshot.


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Hi moshooter,

That is known issue that is with development that is caused by the limitations in the way we stitch panoramas. As a work around does rotating all of your source images 90degrees help prior to stitching? I'll bump the issue with your comments however.

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