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0 Pressure still shows a line

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I have 2 spheres with just an outline. I added some pressure to it via the Stroke tool diagram. On one sphere a pressure of 0 is working correct (no outline), on the other one it isn't. See here:




I attached the afdesign file. Is this a bug?!




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Hi Irrgeist


Was this curve originally made with a brush originally then changed to a solid line? The pressure seems to work in general, so if you draw a new line there will be art of it you can't see, however  that particular line seems to have retained some of the properties of the brush tip originally used. With the curve selected, if you click on properties on the stroke panel you will see   that size variance is set to 99%, which prevents the line disappearing completely with the pressure variation.


you can adjust this to 100% and the line will disappear, however it will also change the stroke back to the brush texture, however if you then change it back to line and resize it to what it was before it should appear more as you expect


I shall look into brush tips affecting the change to non brush tip



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Hi Chris_K,


thanks, this solves the issue. And yes, I was trying some things with brushes. Totally forgot about it. I used the brush, and later changed it to solid via the Stroke settings in the top menu (not the side panel). Which sometimes doesn't seem to work?! 

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