In this latest beta, modifier keys have been added to certain tools. While it's a good try, it's not ideal. First, let's take the brush tool as an example. You can now use the pick color button while dragging the pencil to select a color. The problem is, when doing things like frequency separation where you need to constantly change color and size of brush, it gets pretty cumbersome switching through the menus each time. What we need are permanent command keys that work with any tool as they would on the desktop. Let's stay with the brush tool. If there was a space key, we could quickly switch to pan/hand mode while working. If we had an option key, we could easily drag to get the color picker as it works on the desktop. This would simplify the menus and allow those keys to be used with multiple tools, as they do on the desktop when using a wacom or similar. I'd suggest space, option, command, control, and shift keys. And see below for my suggestion for placement, although it would be cool to swap placement for lefties. I love that you guys are so responsive.