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switching colours shortcut x doesn't alter selected object

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Ive just noticed that when clicking the double headed arrow in the colours or swatch palette the selected object also gets changed but when I use the keyboard shortcut X it changes it in the palette but not on the selected object?




PS - currently going through the Work book and really enjoying it but on p104 it says this shortcut os  is shift + X which doesn't do anything. 

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Hi cheshiredesigner


Pressing X swaps which swatch is currently active rather than the actual colour, so it switches between foreground and background swatch or fill and line swatch being active.. Shift and X actually swaps the colours so the colour of the fill swatch is applied to the line swatch and vice versa . Using shift and X does update the object. the double headed arrow performs the same action as shift and X, whilst just clicking on the swatch to bring it to the forefront is the same as pressing X on it's own


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