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UI Rendering issue when moving to scound screen and maximizing

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I have a reproducible issue with affinity designer in version (beta) and

Start designer on the left screen.

1) drag the application on top of the right screen so that it will get maximized on the right screen
After doing this, the right screen will be completely black (affinity designer will not render anything)

2) move the application somewhere else on the right screen (not longer maximized)
It will still rendered completely black

3) move it in between of both monitors
It will be rendered normally on the left screen but black on the white screen

Move the application from left to right screen and do not maximize it in this step.
After moving it, it is possible to maximize without any issue.


About my system:

- Dell Precision 7510
- Windows 10 Enterprise
- Intel Core i7 6920HQ
- 64GB RAM
- NVIDIA Quadro M1000M
- Intel HD Graphics 530


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Hi philippgfx,

That is most definitely very strange! I presume you're using the Laptop screen and an external monitor? Does your graphics card have nVidia Optimus enabled? If so would you be able to disable that and see if that helps at all?

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Hi Sean,

thank you for the hind with nVidia Optimus. I use two external monitors. I guess the problem is that one of them is assigned to the chipset graphics and the other to the Nvidia graphics.

When using the internal display too I can drag and drop affinity designer between two of them (using the internal graphics) without any problem, but the one with Nvidia will not work correctly.

I have not found a way to assign both external monitors to one graphics card. Maybe it is just not possible with my laptop.

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